Wednesday, June 21, 2017

All School Reward: Robot time!

Building  the Mindstorm

Water Bottle Flipping

The craze of flipping water bottles has reached JVS!  

This week we made predictions about how we could get the water bottle to land.  We looked at different variables that we might consider changing for better results. 

First, we tested by flipping the bottle with different amounts of water.  Full, 3/4 full, half full, and 1/4 full. 

We recorded the our success after 10 flips at each level. 

It appears the amount of water in the bottles makes a difference!  

Many of us were able to land the bottle successfully!

After our testing, we made another prediction and did some more testing. 

Chip landing his one of many flips... on the cap!  

Friday, June 16, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cookie Mining

Working on Science Standards:
How people have changed the environment
Human Impact on the physical environment-

Cookie Mining
First, we purchased our mining property and tools. There were three different mine types (chocolate chip cookies) and different options for tools.  

Tool options included: Round toothpicks, Flat toothpicks or a paper clip. 

We traced around our "mines" outlining on graph paper, our initial claim.

We mined for a minute, and then decided if the purchased equipment was suitable.  If not, we could purchase additional tools. 

Uh oh... hands were not to be used! :)

After five minutes of mining, chips (gold pieces) were counted.  Miners earned $1.00 for each full chip.  Partial ones were combined to make full ones. 

Miners had to reclaim the area around the mine after the mining operations were completed.  They were fined for any material (crumbs) that extended beyond the original mine outline; $1.00 for each centimeter square.

Chip counting his gold pieces as he reclaims his mine. 

After reclamation, we worked on our profit/loss statements.